Meet Frank Szczepanski

A Real Leader For A Change. We need a leader who listens to us, who will fight for a future that works for ALL of us.

Frank Szczepanski is that leader.

Frank is a unique candidate for State Representative. He is not a career politician and he has never ran for public office before. He is an entrepreneur and businessman who co-founded IVDiagnostics, an innovative biotech company based here in Indiana that is focused on pain-free diagnostic and monitoring tests for cancer patients, especially breast cancer.

He has served for 30+ years in leadership in Boy Scouts of America and is an Eagle Scout himself. He volunteered for 10 years with Special Olympics teaching kids how to ski, and he started the clean water drive for the residents in the Superfund site in East Chicago which delivered over 400,000 bottles of water to East Chicago residents in 2017. He has worked with local and regional organizations on economic development, clean water initiatives, and innovation and serves on many nonprofit and educational boards that promote STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers and businesses.

He grew-up in a working class family and is the oldest of nine children in the old Polish neighborhood in East Chicago, IN. His dad was a Union steelworker at Inland Steel and his mom stayed home to raise the kids and care for the house. In Frank’s family, getting a good education and working hard was a priority. He attended Bishop Noll High School and worked his way through college at Inland Steel in the blast furnace while earning a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management and a Master’s degree in Finance from Purdue.

After graduating, he went to Detroit, MI to work in corporate finance for Burroughs Corporation, and then years later moved to New Jersey to manage a manufacturing engineering plant. From being in senior level management positions to working for international companies in the U.S., Canada, Sweden and western Europe, Frank’s pragmatism and tenacity are the driving force behind everything he does.

Frank has taken the initiative to create progressive change in his community and across the region throughout his life, and he knows how to win when it matters most to regular people. He knows how to negotiate and will address the needs of all people, not just special interest or lobbyists. Frank is a leader, and innovator, a community servant and volunteer, and he is someone that we all can trust to be our voice in Indianapolis for District 4.