Frank's top priority is creating jobs that provide a living wage for families in his district and the region. Frank understands that we need leadership that will work to attract the jobs of today while creating the jobs of tomorrow. He will work to energize workforce development in the region to expand 21st century job opportunities that attract well-paying high-tech and manufacturing jobs. It is time to adopt living wage law that scales with inflation, paid family and sick leave, a prevailing wage law for public works projects, and affordable childcare for all Hoosier families.


Frank knows what it takes to attract and retain the businesses of today while innovating and creating the businesses of tomorrow. Our State has touted it's self as being a top "business-friendly" state in the country, but that doesn't mean much when it only applies to Indianapolis. Frank's focus is to reinvent economic development so it provides an equitable business development model statewide, instead of a model that shows favoritism for a few. It is time to provide priority incentives and training programs for the businesses and jobs of today and the future.


Frank believes that the health and well-being of all Hoosiers should be a guarantee, not a privilege. The fact of the matter is we have some of the most amazing advances in the treatment and diagnosis of disease but the problem is that not everyone can access or afford it. Frank knows that this is one of the greatest moral dilemmas of our time. It is essential to build a healthcare system that works for patients and providers, that is not tied to ones employment status, and that provides comprehensive services for people of all ages and abilities without discrimination based on health status. Frank supports a statewide Medicare for All plan that would insure healthcare access to seniors, children, and other vulnerable people.


Frank knows that today's students hold the key to a better future for all of us. It is time Indiana starts investing in the next generation of Hoosiers by properly funding public education and driving dollars as close as possible to the classroom. Frank supports a full-stop to the voucher tuition system that drained over $150 million this year alone from the education budget. Frank believes we have an obligation to stop taking funding that should go to education just to use it to fund pet projects. To do right by our kids, we have to look at per capita increases in other key budget areas over the past 6-10 years and bring the budget back in balance again. We can not shortchange our kids while overspending in other areas.


Frank supports the high ideals that all members of society should benefit fairly from society, that no one person or group should have a greater benefit or more rights than others. Yet, we live in an imperfect world that has been built on a system that existed to favor some people over others. This has created systemic issues within our society and our justice system that require specific legislation to remedy. It is time for Indiana to pass hate and bias crimes legislation, laws that protect against workplace discrimination, and laws that reduce if not eliminate restrictive limits to the reporting of sexual abuse and sexual assault. It is time to get serious about protecting our environment and natural resources: clean air, clean water, clean food, and clean land are vital to our existence and we can no longer afford to ignore. There are many ways to move forward that care for the earth and that will provide economic abundance: these are not mutually exclusive ideas. In fact the most innovative countries and areas around the earth have been able to integrate environmental protection and economic abundance together.


Frank believes that government should operate in a transparent and fair manner that is responsible to Hoosiers. The state of Indiana needs to take a close look at the Public Private Partnership process, to eliminate long-term leases, reform the RFP process, and provide a state managed, public RFP website that both local government agencies and the state are required to use.

The foundation of our democratic system is in the integrity of our electoral process and the ability to ensure secure and accurate elections. Every vote should count and that means opening the door for vote by mail, providing standardized voting equipment guidelines statewide, and ensuring digital voting platforms are secure from cyberattack.

Not only should every vote count, but politicians shouldn't be allowed to pick their voters. Frank supports redistricting reform through a non-partisan commission that will build fair districts for the people.


Frank believes that our ability to innovate will define our role in the global economy moving forward. Indiana historically is a state full of innovators and creators; however we've lost our innovative spirit and it is time refocus and reenergize to become a leader in the future. Whether someone is job searching, pursuing a higher education, starting a new business, or searching for healthcare, affordable and reliable access to the internet is the difference maker to success. That is why Frank is going to get serious on this issue and from an exploratory committee to consider various alternatives for connecting people to the internet en masse. Frank believes that local government must be able to pursue competitive bidding on similar products and services, reduce wasteful spending, and use a consistent RFP contract process when procuring technology solutions.